Monday, 5 January 2015

One Word Monday's ... #1 FAITH

Hello Gorgeous

I hope you are well and the first few days of the new year have been going well so far.

A little introduction to this Monday series. I totally get that quite a few bloggers do what is called the Sunday strength posts. I myself find this incredibly motivating and inspirational.

As I tend not to follow the crowd this is my take.... A lot of us struggle to find motivation on a Monday. So Every Monday I will post a word that will sew some seeds and enable us to focus on certain aspects in our life/ ourselves.

I am by no means preaching or anything I am merely trying to change negative attitudes into positive ones :).

My first Monday Strength of the new year : FAITH

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"Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a being, object, living organism, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, as well as confidence based on no scientific, plausible, testable, demonstrable evidence whatsoever. [1] The word faith is often[quantify] used as a synonym for hope,[2] for trust,[3] or for belief.[4]"  

Source: Wikipedia

The above definition of Faith will mean different things to different people. After all we are all unique and certainly direct our lives the way we want. Over the past few years I have grown to love this word Faith. We all have faith in different things... in times of need some of us remember god? or various other things....

No matter what you define as Faith the one entity you should have faith in is YOURSELF!!

From today if you didn't already have the faith that you have the power to make the right decisions in your life believe that you have everything it takes.  Forget what everyone else is doing, have faith in yourself!!

You can do it, you can be what you want when you want because you have faith in yourself.

If you want a new job, boyfriend, husband, cat or dog or even start up a blog then have FAITH in yourself and just do it.

Take that risk in believing in yourself and this week lets have Faith.

Stay Blessed

Do you believe in God??? controversial I know but I do :)

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