Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rimmel: Competition Goodies

Hello Gorgeous
As with everything in my life a little while ago I randomly entered a competition on Twitter to win some new Rimmel goodies and for the first time in my whole life I actually one! woop woop
This is what I recieved.
1. Nailpolish ' Cocktail Colour in a flash 110 Baby Bellini': I am pretty sure I have already stated that Rimmel is one of those drugstore brands that I class as one of my favourites especially for their nailpolishes. I have not tried this colour yet however it is the most beautiful purple with speckles of shimmer in it. I can not say what it is like on the nails but hopefully soon I will be feeling purple and you will see it on a NOTW post.
2. Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick ' 002 BullletProof Beige': This is amazing!! I have been using this and it is the most perfect colour to highlight the inner tear duct. I am obsessed with highlighting because of this as it is so easy to use and compliments my skin tone beautifully. (If you want a swatch just say below).
3. Match Perfection SPF 15 Foundatiion '100 Ivory': This is another new foundation that I am yet to try. In all honesty I have to really be in the right sort of mood to try out a foundation so this has been on the back seat. Have you tried it? if so let me know what your thoughts are.
4. Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer: My holy grail eyeshadow primers are UD primer potion ansd Too faced Eyeshadow primer. This is not bad. It does what it says. I would not say it is as amazing as my Ud primer potion but it does the job. I will put this to the test when I use it with a loose pigment!!
5. Apocalips '102 Nova': I have a full review of this already. So thumbs up for two of the same :) lol.
6. Accelorator Endless Mascara: This was the first thing I took out and used!! I love it!! Just like the older Accelarator mascara this is a winner for me. I use alot of mascara and layer it like no other. This has extremely small fibres in it to give volume as well as length. Love it
This was not meant to be a review but I suppose I gave a few first impressions on the way. I am grateful for these goodies and really thank Rimmel for sending me these in such a timely manner.
Stay Good
P.s. How is your week going so far? Time is flying we are nearly in April!!! 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Revlon: Lip Butters: Mini Review

Hello Gorgeous
I know I know everyone and there mum has reviewed these and they have been out for a while, but I blog what I want and today I was feeling these needed to be talked about.
So as soon as these were launched I think last year I went out and bought one and then ended up with seven (as you do).
They are promoted as lip butters and I do still believe that they deserve this name. I must say though it depends on what colour you have though.
Due to my ever increasing lipstick collection these do not get as much attention as they used to however out of everything I own these are the ones getting used up the quickest. I have the colours:
1. Strawberry Cupcake
2. Sweet Tart
3. Rasberry Pie
4. Berry Smoothie
5. Lollipop
6. Peach Parfait
7. Candy Apple
I will keep it short and sweet my favourites are Sweet Tart, Rasberry Pie, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop. the rest for me are a bit mehhh. The ones I have mentioned as my favourites are probably the most pigmented and lipstick like. I cannot say that you can apply these without a mirror as they have the pigmentation of a lipstick and consistency of a lip balm. Bloody perfect for my lips that dry out in the cold.
Overall I think when these were launched they were incredibly innovative and I love that. Just like technology, the cosmetic industry is constantly updating their portfolio for us the consumers with something new. Overall, after I got these I really got into Revlon Lippies that I had never even tried before.
Would I recommend: Yes. but please swatch before you buy as not all the colours are amaze.
Stay Good
Do you still reach for your Lip Butters? Is there any thing better than these bad boys that I need to try??

Monday, 18 March 2013

ELF Haul: Mini Review

Hello Gorgeous
So a little while ago I placed a very small order on the ELF website. There was obviously some sort of deal going on, maybe the 50% off one but it was a while ago. I ordered four things one of which has dissapeared.
1. H.D Blush in 'Superstar': This is identical to the Makeup Forever HD blush. If you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on high end blushers then I would certainly recommend this. With 10 ml of product this stuff will last a very very long time. I apply this with a small stippling brush by putting a little dot on the back of my hand first. I would not recommend applying this directly to the face, firstly it dries very quickly therefore you need to be quick with your blending and secondly a little goes a very long way. I would say it lasts all day for me but to be honest if it didn't it does not bother me.
Would I recommend? : YES, and I want all the rest too.
2. Maximum coverage Concealer (oil free): Anything that says maximum coverage I am on to it straight away. As I am getting older I am finding that I have more areas to cover i.e under eye shadows. I have the colour in 'Sand'. I must say I do like the packing of this, in a tube style with 20 ml of product it is hygienic with a thumbs up. In terms of the product it is actually ok. I haven't fallen in love with it instantly however I have got around 7 concealers on the go at any one time. (this does not mean I use all 7 at once!!). I am reaching for this more and more and do find that it is pretty full coverage but for me it just doesn't last all day. Now that is my key issue if my dark circles are out of sight I don't really care about the rest of my face. I need to play with this more and maybe need to find another setting powder for this bad boy.
Would I recommend?: Yes, but I need to use it more to find a happy medium.
3. Baked Blush 'Passion Pink': So E.L.F has jumped on to the whole baking makeup bandwagon, and to be brutally honest this is a winner for me. I would like to say before I go on to never go by the swatches that ELF provide on the website as they are totally way off from the actual product. Ok so lets move on. I usually use the small ELF stippling brush to apply this to the apples of my cheeks and can say that along with a few others this goes where ever I do. It leaves the most beautiful glow to the cheeks and certainly does not look like a cheap product. The lasting power of this is perfect as I am quite heavy with my blusher I always end up with a little bit more on the cheeks at the start of the day.
Would I recommend?: YES, YES, YES
4. Studio Line Concealer Brush: I thought I would mention the missing product of this order. The concealer brush in the studio line. This brush is amazeballs, infact so amazing that I left it in some hotel on a business trip :(. This 'was' my go to concealer brush, and I will be ordering another one.
That's it for now
Stay Good
Have you got any of the above items in any other colours? if so do share so I can make another wishlist :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nailpolish Review: A Bargain

Hello Gorgeous
So if you read my last NOTW post I mentioned that I do not like to spend too much on nail polishes. Now this statement is coming from a woman with a shit load of nail polishes. I mean that many to an extent that I forget I have some if I cannot see them. The whole out of sight out of mind situation.
So I love Poundland! I love a bargain but who doesn't. I get a kick out of getting stuff really cheap, I kind of feel a real sense of achievement and can begin to justify my shopping habits!!
One thing that I do not like are glitter nail polishes!! for the life of me I do not have the patience to sit their for half my life pain stakingly rubbing my nails to death. Ok as you can tell I am in an over exaggerating state of mind.
However when I saw these bad boys I nearly fainted and obviously parted with £3 for 3 nail polishes!!
Left to Right: Violet, Rio, Pink
Chit Chat are a Poundland brand and when I saw these polishes I was extremley impressed. For a £1 each this is such a good buy. The bottles actually feel pretty high end. I swatched these and feel these are incredibly comparable to any other glitter polish.
I am totally in love with these polishes and would recommend you go get them. There were a few other colours however I was drawn to these.
Moving forward you will never see me wearing these on all me little fingers no no no. One nail would be enough!!! as I still stand firm on the taking off stage!

Stay good
What do you think of these little beautes?

Friday, 8 March 2013

NOTW: Bourjois Rose Imaginaire 62

Hello Gorgeous
I hope your week is going well so far woohooo it's Friday. This week has been completely up and down for me, I think mainly due to the phsyco weather we are experiencing. Anywho this is what I wore this week on me nails.
I have a few Bourjois Nail Polishes but usually resist due to the price. I am a bargain hunter and do not like spending too much on them. However when I saw this colour I thought it had been made for me!!
It's the perfect bubblegum pink. I always apply a minimum of two coats and a top coat, however below I am only wearing two coats.
Bourjois Rose Imaginaire 62
I am pretty sure you can make a judgement of how this looks from the above pic. An overall winner for me.
Stay Good
What is the most expensive nailpolish you have ever bought??

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Maybelline Eyeshadow quad: Review & Swatches

Hello Gorgeous
A few weeks ago I was on a random hunt for the Coral Drama Maybelline eyeshadow quad. I saw a youtube video by Carlibybel and was like these colours are insane!!!
This was actually quite difficult to find I don't know why this is, but I found this in a Superdrug and it was the last one left. This goes with me everywhere, It's AMAZING!!.
Coral Drama Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad

These pictures really do not do this beauty any justice.
I use the highlighter shade near enough everyday. It has a gorgeous gold undertone and suits my skintone perfectly. It also has a little bit of shimmer in it.
The next shade along I have not used much as I simply have not incorporated it in to a look.
The next coral shade is amazing!! I very regularly use this above my crease to add more definition, it is such a beautiful colour and once again with my skintone it goes really well.
The last shade is one of the best. This dark warm brown has a red undertone to it and is ideal to create a soft smoky or full on smoky eye.
The texture of these shadows are very comparable to any other normal drugstore eyeshadow. They are not chalky at all and the colour payoff is just perfect.
Overall for the £7.99 price tag this was well worth it. Moving forward I want to see what other colours they have in this range as I am so impressed.
I don't normal rave about products this much but this deserves more hype!!
Stay Good
Have you tried any of these quads? If so which one would you recommend?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty Joint Haul Pt 1.......

Hello Gorgeous

So how was your week been so far? Well lets just say mine was interesting to say the least and I am  glad that it's a new week, new month and officially spring!!

A little while ago, last year to be exact I caved in and went for it. I placed an order on the Beauty Joint website. There were so many things that I was lusting over and heard many good things about things all American internet site.

NOTE: This post is picture heavy and will have an over all first impression not Review.

Quite a lot of makeup!
To the left is an L.A girls eyeshadow pallette. All I am going to say is wow the colours are beaute all neutral and metallic.
To the right is the Milani runway eyes pallette. Both are very similar however the Milani pallette seems to go into more darker warmer colours which is perfff.
Milani Runway Eyes pallette
So I have heard many things about the L.A Girls concealer. I would say it is medium to full coverage. I ordered three as I had no idea what colour would suit me. So far I am not reaching for it everyday as I dont find it flattering :(. Please note this may change. But for the price you really cannot go wrong.
Instead of putting this at the end I wacked it in the middle. My biggest dissapointment, a crushed Wet n Wild blusher. In all honesty Beauty Joint had packed my goods very well but this was splattered everywhere and I even got pink blusher on my carpet. So I am not even going to bother saying more.   
I have heard so many things about these Wet n Wild Mega Matte Lipsticks. I have the colours 'Sugar plum fairy', 'Cherry Picking', and 'Smoking Hot Pink'. My overall first impressions are WOW. These are insanely pigmented and for a lipstick last quite a while. I have to put lip balm underneath as with any lipstick I find my lips get dry.
Overall if you are on a budget forget MAC these are the shit!!. I want all the colours but am going to wait until I want some more!
(Let me know if you want a full review with swatches)

As with the above lipsticks I also heard many goot things about the Wet n Wild Pallettes. These are my three. From left to right, 'Lust', 'Comfort Zone', Vanity'.
I have used Lust and Vanity and am totally impressed with the overall colour payoff of these. They are insanely pigmented, and generally have a very high quality.
I wanted to break it down into two sections. If you want full reviews of any of the products mentioned please let me know :)
Stay Good
Any recommendations for all American products?