Monday, 25 February 2013

Thank you and Giveaway....

Hello Gorgeous

I know I know I have dissapeared for a couple of weeks, but I love to blog and will only do so when I am in the right frame of mind. I had a major cold and it really set me back. I have been tweeting ad-hoc but have missed you soo sooo mucho.

Thank you, a very big thank you to each and every one of you who takes the time to come over to my slice of the web, comment, subscribe, look, communicate and everything else. My heart sinks when I think that I have been blogging since mid January and you are here reading my opinions (sinks in a good way!!) You mean alot to me and I will continue this for as long as my passion continues.

As promised here we are my first milestone giveaway. I reached 50 GFC followers a few weeks ago and feel now is the time to give back to you.

You can be the owner of your very own choice of MAC lipstick. Any colour any one all you need to do is enter like so:

1. You must be following this blog via 'GFC'

2. You must be following me via 'Twitter'

3. Re-Tweet my giveaway tweet and say hello via twitter so I know who you are.

4. If you have instagram you can join the bandwagon (optional)

5. Comment below by stating what 5 things make you happy, leaving your blog address if you do have one.

I will leave this giveaway running until 23rd March so that you have plenty of time to tell your friends/family and fellow bloggers to join in.

I'm keeping it simple the winner will be chosen at random and believe me you will know where and who the winner is chosen by as I will let you know.

Stay Good
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lesson's Learned.... Valentines Special

Hello Gorgeous

Firstly a big apology for being quite absent but when health matters get in the way it can become impossible to find the motivation to write. But any how I am on the mend now and wanted to switch things up a bit.

I take my blog seriously it means a lot to me and it is certainly a way for me to express how I feel.

As you get older you realise why things happen. So much is thrown at you in life in terms of obstacles and sometimes we sit there and ask ourselves why, why me? One thing that life has taught me is that if you go searching for answers they will take longer to come to you, so sit back and let life unfold and I promise you any answers that you are looking for will come to you.

Last year was a tough one, I had to completely turn my life around and start again from scratch however what made it harder was I was in it on my own. Only I could make changes myself, so that's what I did....

I learned to LOVE my self and find HAPPINESS in myself and not others. I will always be a peoples person but I have now learnt that it's ok to be on your own and be happy with it because I know my worth and love myself.

I suppose the moral of the story is that each event that takes place in our life whether it be positive or negative, there is always something to learn from it.

So live and learn your lessons and be bloody marvellous.
Much love to you for reading and subbing.
Stay Good

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Part 4: Body Mist's/Sprays: Natural collection

Hello Gorgeous

Having done my posts on Body Mists/Sprays I have realised a theme! Why can I not pick up just one spray what is my obsession in getting two at a time!! oh I have to lol....

So I bring to you my next obsessive spray collection. Natural Collection.

I remember being in school what seems like another lifetime ago and having makeup from Natural Collection was like the coolest thing ever. As I grew up I just forgot about it. Until I was christmas shopping and found these beautes.

I just couldn't ignore the fact that they were so cheap and smelt incredibly fantastical.

Passion Fruit and Ice Musk
I got the two above in Passion Fruit and ice musk. I would say Passion Fruit is a re-occuring fragrance in my collection of stuff. It's so fresh and fruity and will be perfect in the spring/summer. Ice musk is pretty much the standard musk smell i.e Body Shop White Musk. I have to be careful with this smell as it can sometimes get headaches with it.
My thoughts: Overall do not expect these to keep there smell from morning till noon as with any mist and Body spray the fragrance will start to die down throughout the day. But to keep in the car/office/school they are perfffffect.
Do I recommend?: Errmmm yes!!
You can pick up these bad boys from Boots or here. They are only £2 each or 3 for 2 at the mo:)
Stay Good
What's your favourite kind of scent??

Current Likings aka faves

Hello Gorgeous

I absolutely love reading favourite posts and watching favourite youtube videos, as it really gives me an insight as to what could possibly work for me and not. When deciding on what to call this post I decided on Current likings instead of January favourites.

I am certainly one of those people who can certainly find a favourite in an instant until the next best thing comes along, so I thought I would be sensible. Otherwise you could be here a very long time.

I only picked 5:

AVON- Morrocon Oil: This is a thumbs up for me at a quarter of the price of the original one, you can't go wrong. I use it every time I wash my hair and to be honest cannot fault it.
Sanex Extra Control perspirant: I think enough is said in the title, it works, I re-purchase it every time it finishes.
VO5 HEAT protectant: Now I think it is incredibly difficult to understand if a heat protectant is actually working as we can't see what is happening to our hair follicle deep down right? however we can see what is happening on the surface. I have long hair, this does not weigh it down, does not make my hair feel greasy on the top as soon as I have dried it and overall I think is worth the couple of quid I bought it for.
NIVEA Rich Nourishing cream for DRY SKIN: I have already shared my love for this. This stuff is the best and I love the smell of NIVEA it makes me feel so fresh so clean...
Barbara Daley Glow up: This was my only makeup item I mentioned as to be honest this is a re-kindled love. I bought this over a year ago and thought it was rubbish. Having become more organised with my personal makeup this popped out and now this is my staple highlighter. It's amazing with gold undertones and works perfect with my skin tone. (if you want a full review please comment below) You can get BD makeup from Tesco's.
That's me done for now
Stay Good
What's your fave out of my faves?

MUA Eyeshadows: Swatches and review

Hello Gorgeous
So I just managed to get on to my blog and catch up with a few bits and bobs. Once I get started I always manage to find more work for myself...
I am a huge advocate of having a mixed wardrobe. What this means is I will try out things regardless of the price if I think they will benefit me.
MUA is one of those brands that sit quite nicely with me in terms of their product range and pricing.  I would vertainly suggest any one starting out in makeup to go over to any MUA stand and pick up one of everything. For the price and the quality you really cannot go wrong.
Today's post will be on some of the single eyeshadows that I have in my collection from MUA.

SHADES:    25 Pearl
                 12 Pearl
                 1   Pearl
                  27 Pearl
                  30 Pearl
                  28 Pearl
My thoughts: These single eyeshadows come in at £1 a pot. First of all that is a bargain!! The consistency of these shadows is highly pigmented and I believe with a good blending brush these can look extremely high end. As a makeup artist I believe it is how you apply and not what you apply.
These can feel a bit chalky at times however do not let that put you off. the colour payoff is brilliant and I have always worn a eye primer underneath hence they last as long as I want them too.
The packaging is simple and plain and sturdy enough. I would not buy this for the packagin anyway at this price. The only thing that bugs me about MUA is that they do not name products. I simply cannot get numbers around my head and love the sound of weird and funky names for makeup products.
You can pick up these eyeshadows from Superdrug or the MUA website.
Overall I recommend these and think every woman should own one of these bad boys.
Stay Good
Do you own any of these single shadows? If so which ones do you recommend??


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Apocalips Lip Laquers: Review and my thoughts.

Hello Gorgeous

So another week has come and gone and we are already in Febuary!. Not only is this month a slightly short one but very soon there will be a lot of hype around Valentines. Something that I believe is a load of b********s, and believe love should be shown on a daily basis not only with your partner.(this is only my opinion!!)

Anyway lets move on very swiftly. Considering everyone and their mum has done a review on the much awaited APOCALIPS I thought why not give you my thoughts on it. I think it would be rude not too :)

I picked up four colours that I believe I would wear and when I went to the checkout the lady said she was wearing Celestial and it was very sticky on the lips. Being me I ignored her off course....
My thoughts: My very first impression of them all was I felt they were drying on the first coat, however when I applied a second coat it was fine. However as a few days went by and I was rotating them I think my love for them began.
These are intensly pigmented and cannot be worn as a quick apply, you really need to apply these with precision or it looks like you have a messy lip.
The staying power of these is not bad, they last quite well however each of us is different so I will not comment on how long. They are quite sticky so if you do not like that feeling I suggest you blot your lips in between coats or not get them.
Would I recommend? : YES indeed. These certainly have a thumbs up from me and for the price you can't really go wrong.
These are crazily my go to Lippies at the moment. I love all the colours I got but have to say 'Big Bang' is bangin!!!

You can get your Apocalip Lip Laquers from here
Have you tried these? Have you tried any of the colour's I have not got??
Stay Good

Friday, 1 February 2013

NOTD: No7 Tip toes. Ltd addition

Hello Gorgeous
It's Friday, woohooo. Thankfully this week can only end on a more positive note right?? So last week I made use of one of my last No7 vouchers and decided to pick up this limited addition nailpolish.
I  must admit I do heart No7 polishes. This colour is the perfect peachy, pinky, nudey shade dependent on your skintone.
I am not a fan of glitter nailpolishes because I do not have the patience to take them off, however this colour in 'Tiptoes' has miniscule speckles in it. I loveeee.

Lets keep ot short and sweet.
Stay Good
Do you want to see my No7 Nailpolish collection??