Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Part 4: Body Mist's/Sprays: Natural collection

Hello Gorgeous

Having done my posts on Body Mists/Sprays I have realised a theme! Why can I not pick up just one spray what is my obsession in getting two at a time!! oh I have to lol....

So I bring to you my next obsessive spray collection. Natural Collection.

I remember being in school what seems like another lifetime ago and having makeup from Natural Collection was like the coolest thing ever. As I grew up I just forgot about it. Until I was christmas shopping and found these beautes.

I just couldn't ignore the fact that they were so cheap and smelt incredibly fantastical.

Passion Fruit and Ice Musk
I got the two above in Passion Fruit and ice musk. I would say Passion Fruit is a re-occuring fragrance in my collection of stuff. It's so fresh and fruity and will be perfect in the spring/summer. Ice musk is pretty much the standard musk smell i.e Body Shop White Musk. I have to be careful with this smell as it can sometimes get headaches with it.
My thoughts: Overall do not expect these to keep there smell from morning till noon as with any mist and Body spray the fragrance will start to die down throughout the day. But to keep in the car/office/school they are perfffffect.
Do I recommend?: Errmmm yes!!
You can pick up these bad boys from Boots or here. They are only £2 each or 3 for 2 at the mo:)
Stay Good
What's your favourite kind of scent??


  1. "Errmmm yes!!" lol! Awesome, I think I will get some then! Thanks for sharing

    1. lol. :) you can't really go wrong with these hun.

      Your very welcome


  2. I LOVE the vanilla one - its gorgeous for a summery scent!!


    1. ohhh i havent tried that one. Summer here we come ;)