Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Current Likings aka faves

Hello Gorgeous

I absolutely love reading favourite posts and watching favourite youtube videos, as it really gives me an insight as to what could possibly work for me and not. When deciding on what to call this post I decided on Current likings instead of January favourites.

I am certainly one of those people who can certainly find a favourite in an instant until the next best thing comes along, so I thought I would be sensible. Otherwise you could be here a very long time.

I only picked 5:

AVON- Morrocon Oil: This is a thumbs up for me at a quarter of the price of the original one, you can't go wrong. I use it every time I wash my hair and to be honest cannot fault it.
Sanex Extra Control perspirant: I think enough is said in the title, it works, I re-purchase it every time it finishes.
VO5 HEAT protectant: Now I think it is incredibly difficult to understand if a heat protectant is actually working as we can't see what is happening to our hair follicle deep down right? however we can see what is happening on the surface. I have long hair, this does not weigh it down, does not make my hair feel greasy on the top as soon as I have dried it and overall I think is worth the couple of quid I bought it for.
NIVEA Rich Nourishing cream for DRY SKIN: I have already shared my love for this. This stuff is the best and I love the smell of NIVEA it makes me feel so fresh so clean...
Barbara Daley Glow up: This was my only makeup item I mentioned as to be honest this is a re-kindled love. I bought this over a year ago and thought it was rubbish. Having become more organised with my personal makeup this popped out and now this is my staple highlighter. It's amazing with gold undertones and works perfect with my skin tone. (if you want a full review please comment below) You can get BD makeup from Tesco's.
That's me done for now
Stay Good
What's your fave out of my faves?

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