Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Empties

Hello Gorgeous

So for a very long time I used to read blogs thinking I would love to do empty posts. For me doing a post on my empty products means that I can actually start keeping track of what I am using up and start getting through products.

I endevour to make changes in my life this year and one of them is to actually finish products before I get a replacement.

So my empties will not only be beauty but anything else too :)

1. Daily essentials Nivea Visage Cream
This did the job. I would not say it's amazing but I could possibly re-purchase this if i never foud any other cream. (like that's going to happen ha)
2. Royal Doultan Candle
My mum gave me this candle ages ago. It was an aromatherapy one. Absolutely loved this as it burnt flat without leaving anything behind. I will miss you dearly.
3. Bio Oil
I have had this for ages. It did nothing for me at all, so it would be useful to know if any of you have had a good experience with it?
4. Yankee Candle in Baby Powder
I always have a Yankee Candle on the go and this was in Baby Powder. Yumm
5. No7 Eye Makeup Remover
I always pick up something random from No7 with the vouchers they give. I actually liked this and would get it again. You have to shake it like mad to mix it all up, but overall a big thumbs up from me.
6. Lancome Genefique Eye Cream
This was a sample when I bought something from Lancome ages ago. Once again it did nothing for me and as I am getting older I seriously am on the hunt for an eye cream. Any suggestions?
That's me done for now.
Stay good
What's your fave Yankee candle??


  1. Where's your Twitter account? It says it's been suspended. I've just posted the Liebster Award by the way hehehe :) xxx

  2. Hey Hun

    Yes bloody hell they have suspended my account!! Can you believe it lol. I have to laugh to get my frustration out. I have been emailing them all day but they are very slow :(.

    On a good note im going to check your liebster out :)


  3. Yes Bio oil did nothing for me either made me break out on where ever I put it :/ xoxo