Sunday, 27 January 2013

MUA Trio Eyeshadows: What I think... Review and swatches

Hello Gorgeous

So this week my blog has been a little bit neglected but I found that this week has just been so hectic. Anyway on this beautiful Sunday with the sun shining in my office I can actually do what makes me happy and that's write whoop whoop.

MUA Trio Eyeshadows - £2.50

So I picked up these trios absolutely ages ago but felt that these deserved their own blog post. I absolutely love these bad boys.

What I think: Colour payoff is brilliant, they last amazingly (with a primer underneath), all of the colours in the trios are usable on their own or together or even as an eyeliner.

Do I recommend these: YES for the price of £2.50 you can't go wrong. As Karla Powell says you can use the lightest shade as a highlighter and believe me they are gorg.

Above is Chocolate Box. Excuse the veiny arm but some things I just can't control such as my veins popping out when I go to take a click....
I adore this trio, the colours are amaze. I would say that these eyeshadows are a little bit chalky however who cares when you got a blending brush and eye primer on. The peachy shade on this is probably my most used, because it's most wearable.
As the name suggests this is the Eden trio. I absolutely adore these green shades. Did you know that green compliments brown eyes? Well they certainly do as when I wore these i got a fare few compliments. The lightest shade is the perfect under brow and highlighter shade. MUA should make this as a single as it reflects the light perfectly.

This is last of my current trio collection and I must say is probably my most used simply because i am a sucker for neutrals. However the darkest shade in this trio is amaze. As you can see from the swatch it has a red/marron kind of undertone and looks flippin amazing. I used this shade for a full on smoky eye and i must admit looks like a high end eyeshadow if used correctly.

For some reason I could only find EDEN on the MUA website however my local Superdrug still has the others.

Click here to get yours.

So this is my little rave on some super cheap super amazing eyeshadows. Hope you enjoyed.

Stay Good

Have you got any other trios that I have not shared? if so which ones and please let me know :)


  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award please check out my blog post for details

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    1. Hi Sarah

      Your a superstar thank you so much. I will check it out gorgeous.