Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Primark Haul....

Hello Gorgeous

How are you today? is it just me or am I in some sort of a time warp because I really don't get that time can fly this quick.

Anywho weirdness aside I bring to you my recent purchases from good ol' Primarni.

This time I went a bit crazy on the makeup bags, but to be honest look at them!! they are so uber cute.

£3 Makeup Bag with two compartments. Primark

The above bag is now used as my everyday makeup bag. As well as being bloody amazing it has a separate compartment at the bottom which is perffff for my everyday brushes. It's so usefull to have something like this as I travel alot and it just means I can take bare essentials on my travels and have the confidence that I am not going to lose something because it's all in one case :). Happy days...
£3 Makeup case Primark

 So I picked up the cutest makeup bag, I absolutely love cute and kitsch sort of things (if you know what I mean). What attracted me to this was the colour and dots. This comes in a kind of suede material. It's not ideal when makeup is going to go in it as I am certain at some point it will get grubby but who cares, it was cheap as chips and I think it's marvellous.
I absolutely j'adore this makeup bag. So it is the largest of all three and comes in the moswt amazing material. Like a kind of padded foam. It feels incredibly hard wearing and at the moment I have filled it up to the brim with my bronzers only. I love me some dots. I don't remember the price but if I find the reciept  I will update.

Shoes £6: Primark
These shoes are a bargain, but ended up being too big at a size 6. I need to go back to get a size 5. They were totally made for me.

I picked up this laptop case to put my paper work in for work. It's got a separate pouch for what i will use for reciepts and stationary and the main I use for my paper work. I love it and it looks super fashionable.
 Primark Converse shoes: £12
These converse like shoes caught my eye. They are not what I normally go for but the bling on them sold me and for £12 you can't really go wrong.
So this was my little Primark haul. I hope you liked...

Stay Good
What are you craving from Primark at the moment??


  1. Soo cute! I love the heels, they are a great deal for £6 :) xxx

    1. Hey huni

      They are aren't they such a bargain!! I love me some

  2. Such a good haul jassy! Gotta love a bit of primarni ;) love all the makeup bags! all sooo cute :) xxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous. What would we do without Primarni? I mean even you don't buy anything in their just looking around can be quite therapeutic! Obsessed much!

      Cheers hun you superstar.xxxx

  3. Nice Haul Lovely. Awesome buys:)

    Sara x