Monday, 14 January 2013

Primark Haul......

Hi Gorgeous
So last week I went over to Primark to see what the situation was. I always have a love/hate relationship with good ol' Primarni but I really am not impressed with the prices any more. I can pretty much pick up similar priced goods at other high street stores. HOWEVER you can still pick up a bargain. It was a boring shop but I managed to picked up things that I needed and wanted so came home a happy bunny :)
Cotton pads: Needed them and these were a bargain.
Cotton Pads: £1 for 160
9 Pairs of studs £1.50

I thought for the price these studs were amazeballs. I find that I am having days that I just want a plain stud and these will do the job perfectly.

Heart Necklace £1.50
How can you not immediately love this necklace. It's so dainty and just a classic little gem to have. I have been wearing this non stop and it makes me feel really girly. I loves :)

 So that was it. Short and simple but be aware there will be a clothes haulage soon, I just did'nt get the time to pick them up in one trip.
Stay good
Jassy xxx
Are you liking Primarks style at the moment??

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