Thursday, 7 March 2013

Maybelline Eyeshadow quad: Review & Swatches

Hello Gorgeous
A few weeks ago I was on a random hunt for the Coral Drama Maybelline eyeshadow quad. I saw a youtube video by Carlibybel and was like these colours are insane!!!
This was actually quite difficult to find I don't know why this is, but I found this in a Superdrug and it was the last one left. This goes with me everywhere, It's AMAZING!!.
Coral Drama Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad

These pictures really do not do this beauty any justice.
I use the highlighter shade near enough everyday. It has a gorgeous gold undertone and suits my skintone perfectly. It also has a little bit of shimmer in it.
The next shade along I have not used much as I simply have not incorporated it in to a look.
The next coral shade is amazing!! I very regularly use this above my crease to add more definition, it is such a beautiful colour and once again with my skintone it goes really well.
The last shade is one of the best. This dark warm brown has a red undertone to it and is ideal to create a soft smoky or full on smoky eye.
The texture of these shadows are very comparable to any other normal drugstore eyeshadow. They are not chalky at all and the colour payoff is just perfect.
Overall for the £7.99 price tag this was well worth it. Moving forward I want to see what other colours they have in this range as I am so impressed.
I don't normal rave about products this much but this deserves more hype!!
Stay Good
Have you tried any of these quads? If so which one would you recommend?


  1. Oh my gosh I have two of these quads and I love them so much! I have the colour that you have too and I also have Purple Drama. :-) they're so pretty!!! xxx

  2. wow all of the shades are absolutely stunning! i love all of them :)

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