Monday, 18 March 2013

ELF Haul: Mini Review

Hello Gorgeous
So a little while ago I placed a very small order on the ELF website. There was obviously some sort of deal going on, maybe the 50% off one but it was a while ago. I ordered four things one of which has dissapeared.
1. H.D Blush in 'Superstar': This is identical to the Makeup Forever HD blush. If you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on high end blushers then I would certainly recommend this. With 10 ml of product this stuff will last a very very long time. I apply this with a small stippling brush by putting a little dot on the back of my hand first. I would not recommend applying this directly to the face, firstly it dries very quickly therefore you need to be quick with your blending and secondly a little goes a very long way. I would say it lasts all day for me but to be honest if it didn't it does not bother me.
Would I recommend? : YES, and I want all the rest too.
2. Maximum coverage Concealer (oil free): Anything that says maximum coverage I am on to it straight away. As I am getting older I am finding that I have more areas to cover i.e under eye shadows. I have the colour in 'Sand'. I must say I do like the packing of this, in a tube style with 20 ml of product it is hygienic with a thumbs up. In terms of the product it is actually ok. I haven't fallen in love with it instantly however I have got around 7 concealers on the go at any one time. (this does not mean I use all 7 at once!!). I am reaching for this more and more and do find that it is pretty full coverage but for me it just doesn't last all day. Now that is my key issue if my dark circles are out of sight I don't really care about the rest of my face. I need to play with this more and maybe need to find another setting powder for this bad boy.
Would I recommend?: Yes, but I need to use it more to find a happy medium.
3. Baked Blush 'Passion Pink': So E.L.F has jumped on to the whole baking makeup bandwagon, and to be brutally honest this is a winner for me. I would like to say before I go on to never go by the swatches that ELF provide on the website as they are totally way off from the actual product. Ok so lets move on. I usually use the small ELF stippling brush to apply this to the apples of my cheeks and can say that along with a few others this goes where ever I do. It leaves the most beautiful glow to the cheeks and certainly does not look like a cheap product. The lasting power of this is perfect as I am quite heavy with my blusher I always end up with a little bit more on the cheeks at the start of the day.
Would I recommend?: YES, YES, YES
4. Studio Line Concealer Brush: I thought I would mention the missing product of this order. The concealer brush in the studio line. This brush is amazeballs, infact so amazing that I left it in some hotel on a business trip :(. This 'was' my go to concealer brush, and I will be ordering another one.
That's it for now
Stay Good
Have you got any of the above items in any other colours? if so do share so I can make another wishlist :)


  1. that blush does look lovely! definitely on my wishlist ;P

  2. I picked up these three products when there was an offer on a while back and I am really impressed with them all. great review. x