Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nailpolish Review: A Bargain

Hello Gorgeous
So if you read my last NOTW post I mentioned that I do not like to spend too much on nail polishes. Now this statement is coming from a woman with a shit load of nail polishes. I mean that many to an extent that I forget I have some if I cannot see them. The whole out of sight out of mind situation.
So I love Poundland! I love a bargain but who doesn't. I get a kick out of getting stuff really cheap, I kind of feel a real sense of achievement and can begin to justify my shopping habits!!
One thing that I do not like are glitter nail polishes!! for the life of me I do not have the patience to sit their for half my life pain stakingly rubbing my nails to death. Ok as you can tell I am in an over exaggerating state of mind.
However when I saw these bad boys I nearly fainted and obviously parted with £3 for 3 nail polishes!!
Left to Right: Violet, Rio, Pink
Chit Chat are a Poundland brand and when I saw these polishes I was extremley impressed. For a £1 each this is such a good buy. The bottles actually feel pretty high end. I swatched these and feel these are incredibly comparable to any other glitter polish.
I am totally in love with these polishes and would recommend you go get them. There were a few other colours however I was drawn to these.
Moving forward you will never see me wearing these on all me little fingers no no no. One nail would be enough!!! as I still stand firm on the taking off stage!

Stay good
What do you think of these little beautes?


  1. These are really pretty! Would love to see them on - tweet a pic when you apply it! X

  2. ouu Glitters are always fun!

  3. These nail polishes are amazing! I picked up the colours you have and a bright red and a gold - they go perfectly on every solid colour! Cannot beat £1 per bottle either.

    Emily xx

  4. These are all soooo gorgeous hun! I love them so much! :) such a bargain too xxx