Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty Joint Haul Pt 1.......

Hello Gorgeous

So how was your week been so far? Well lets just say mine was interesting to say the least and I am  glad that it's a new week, new month and officially spring!!

A little while ago, last year to be exact I caved in and went for it. I placed an order on the Beauty Joint website. There were so many things that I was lusting over and heard many good things about things all American internet site.

NOTE: This post is picture heavy and will have an over all first impression not Review.

Quite a lot of makeup!
To the left is an L.A girls eyeshadow pallette. All I am going to say is wow the colours are beaute all neutral and metallic.
To the right is the Milani runway eyes pallette. Both are very similar however the Milani pallette seems to go into more darker warmer colours which is perfff.
Milani Runway Eyes pallette
So I have heard many things about the L.A Girls concealer. I would say it is medium to full coverage. I ordered three as I had no idea what colour would suit me. So far I am not reaching for it everyday as I dont find it flattering :(. Please note this may change. But for the price you really cannot go wrong.
Instead of putting this at the end I wacked it in the middle. My biggest dissapointment, a crushed Wet n Wild blusher. In all honesty Beauty Joint had packed my goods very well but this was splattered everywhere and I even got pink blusher on my carpet. So I am not even going to bother saying more.   
I have heard so many things about these Wet n Wild Mega Matte Lipsticks. I have the colours 'Sugar plum fairy', 'Cherry Picking', and 'Smoking Hot Pink'. My overall first impressions are WOW. These are insanely pigmented and for a lipstick last quite a while. I have to put lip balm underneath as with any lipstick I find my lips get dry.
Overall if you are on a budget forget MAC these are the shit!!. I want all the colours but am going to wait until I want some more!
(Let me know if you want a full review with swatches)

As with the above lipsticks I also heard many goot things about the Wet n Wild Pallettes. These are my three. From left to right, 'Lust', 'Comfort Zone', Vanity'.
I have used Lust and Vanity and am totally impressed with the overall colour payoff of these. They are insanely pigmented, and generally have a very high quality.
I wanted to break it down into two sections. If you want full reviews of any of the products mentioned please let me know :)
Stay Good
Any recommendations for all American products?


  1. Enjoyed this post lovely :) xxx

  2. loved this post hun :) looks like such a lovely haul :( shame about the blush though!!! xxx