Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Revlon: Lip Butters: Mini Review

Hello Gorgeous
I know I know everyone and there mum has reviewed these and they have been out for a while, but I blog what I want and today I was feeling these needed to be talked about.
So as soon as these were launched I think last year I went out and bought one and then ended up with seven (as you do).
They are promoted as lip butters and I do still believe that they deserve this name. I must say though it depends on what colour you have though.
Due to my ever increasing lipstick collection these do not get as much attention as they used to however out of everything I own these are the ones getting used up the quickest. I have the colours:
1. Strawberry Cupcake
2. Sweet Tart
3. Rasberry Pie
4. Berry Smoothie
5. Lollipop
6. Peach Parfait
7. Candy Apple
I will keep it short and sweet my favourites are Sweet Tart, Rasberry Pie, Berry Smoothie, Lollipop. the rest for me are a bit mehhh. The ones I have mentioned as my favourites are probably the most pigmented and lipstick like. I cannot say that you can apply these without a mirror as they have the pigmentation of a lipstick and consistency of a lip balm. Bloody perfect for my lips that dry out in the cold.
Overall I think when these were launched they were incredibly innovative and I love that. Just like technology, the cosmetic industry is constantly updating their portfolio for us the consumers with something new. Overall, after I got these I really got into Revlon Lippies that I had never even tried before.
Would I recommend: Yes. but please swatch before you buy as not all the colours are amaze.
Stay Good
Do you still reach for your Lip Butters? Is there any thing better than these bad boys that I need to try??


  1. lovely post hun! :) hope you're okay too haven't spoke to you in ages :(!! I am still yet to try a Revlon Lip Butter but I want too soo much & this review has made me want too even more haha! xxxx

  2. I have so many of these lip butters.. love them! :)