Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Rimmel: Competition Goodies

Hello Gorgeous
As with everything in my life a little while ago I randomly entered a competition on Twitter to win some new Rimmel goodies and for the first time in my whole life I actually one! woop woop
This is what I recieved.
1. Nailpolish ' Cocktail Colour in a flash 110 Baby Bellini': I am pretty sure I have already stated that Rimmel is one of those drugstore brands that I class as one of my favourites especially for their nailpolishes. I have not tried this colour yet however it is the most beautiful purple with speckles of shimmer in it. I can not say what it is like on the nails but hopefully soon I will be feeling purple and you will see it on a NOTW post.
2. Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick ' 002 BullletProof Beige': This is amazing!! I have been using this and it is the most perfect colour to highlight the inner tear duct. I am obsessed with highlighting because of this as it is so easy to use and compliments my skin tone beautifully. (If you want a swatch just say below).
3. Match Perfection SPF 15 Foundatiion '100 Ivory': This is another new foundation that I am yet to try. In all honesty I have to really be in the right sort of mood to try out a foundation so this has been on the back seat. Have you tried it? if so let me know what your thoughts are.
4. Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer: My holy grail eyeshadow primers are UD primer potion ansd Too faced Eyeshadow primer. This is not bad. It does what it says. I would not say it is as amazing as my Ud primer potion but it does the job. I will put this to the test when I use it with a loose pigment!!
5. Apocalips '102 Nova': I have a full review of this already. So thumbs up for two of the same :) lol.
6. Accelorator Endless Mascara: This was the first thing I took out and used!! I love it!! Just like the older Accelarator mascara this is a winner for me. I use alot of mascara and layer it like no other. This has extremely small fibres in it to give volume as well as length. Love it
This was not meant to be a review but I suppose I gave a few first impressions on the way. I am grateful for these goodies and really thank Rimmel for sending me these in such a timely manner.
Stay Good
P.s. How is your week going so far? Time is flying we are nearly in April!!! 

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